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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy My name is Richard Timothy (“RT”) Cunningham. My website name is “RT Cunningham” and my website address is: This is my privacy policy.

Personal Data Collection

I do not collect personal data.

Routine Information Collection

All websites, including this one, collect and log basic information about their visitors. This information includes IP addresses, timestamps, referring websites and user agents. The daily logs are generated, rotated and discarded automatically by the web server software after two weeks.

I use a custom PHP script instead of a third-party service to collect the daily number of visitors and the number of page views per visitor. Visitor information is discarded at the beginning of each month.

Third-Party Services

I use Google AdSense for display advertising. The AdSense website interface gives me the option to use personalized advertising and I choose not to use that option. No visitors receive personalized advertising.

Comments are collected by Disqus. The service may retain personal information, such as your IP address and your email address. Please contact that service for privacy concerns.

Image Attribution: IO-Images at Pixabay